Tom H. Richardson

The author, looking dashing (for once)

Tom H. Richardson is an author; he also has been the publisher of Hypo To Helio Books since 2011.

He lived five years in Japan, first as a teenager Air Force dependent, then as a U.S. Navy sailor.

He earned a B.S. degree in mathematics, with a minor in chemistry. His fiction-writing knowledge is all self-taught and hard-won; he has a bookshelf on which lie ten linear feet of how-to-write books.

If you wish to email him: tomhrichardson [punctuation] hotmail [punctuation] com

Tom H. Richardson’s books


Doctor MC, Mad Scientist

Doctor MC, Mad Scientist

Doctor MC currently is plotting his 1,632nd scheme to conquer the world. Obviously he has not succeeded yet, but Doctor MC remains optimistic. Doctor MC did manage to replace Bill Clinton’s wife with a robot.

When not trying to rule the world, Doctor MC writes novels featuring male dominance, mind control, and harems, in a magical or science-fiction setting. “Chick Lit” these stories aren’t.

Visit Doctor MC’s blog for information about upcoming novels and stories.

Doctor MC’s books


Nan Britton

Nan Britton in 1926

Nan Britton, born 1896, self-published a tell-all book in 1927, The President’s Daughter, that claimed that her daughter Elizabeth Ann was sired by President Warren Harding (who died in 1923). Her book offered no proof of this claim, beyond photos of President Harding and photos of his alleged daughter. In 1932, Nan Britton self-published a sequel, Honesty Or Politics. Nan Britton died in 1991.

Nan Britton’s book, The President’s Daughter


P. J. Wright

P. J. Wright

PJ is a hobbyist student of military history, crime and punishment, and the human condition. The product of this eclectic mix is transgender fiction with a historical bent, transgender crime mysteries, and transgender character studies. PJ has lived all over the United States and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, writing fiction and creating computer-generated art.

P. J. Wright’s books


D. L. Lanholder

Don L. Lanholder

D. L. Lanholder has always thought of himself as a writer, even though his real-world job is nowhere near as creative. He enjoys writing TG stories within the 18th and 19th century period; there is something about that span of time that captivates him. The Midwest is where he calls home, living in an ancient farmhouse. Perhaps this rural setting where he lives is where he draws inspiration for his stories?

D. L. Lanholder’s books


Texas Nathan

Texas Nathan

Texas Nathan accepted Jesus as his Savior at seventeen, and worked at Glorieta Baptist Conference Center (in New Mexico) for part of one summer. He was, and perhaps still is, a member of a Baptist church.

Texas Nathan’s books


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