About Tom H. Richardson

The author, looking dashing (for once)

Tom H. Richardson is an author of three novels; he also has been the publisher of Hypo To Helio Books since 2011.

He lived five years in Japan, first as a teenager Air Force dependent, then as a U.S. Navy sailor.

He earned a B.S. degree in mathematics, with a minor in chemistry. His fiction-writing knowledge is all self-taught and hard-won; he has a bookshelf on which lie ten linear feet of how-to-write books.

Even his arm-bones are humerus: He is a former high-school class clown notorious for puns. A comedian was a supporting character in his first novel, Sun Rising In The West: Does Japan Buy California?. He wrote the humorous short story “The Vamp Of Mensa.” The Dessert Games: A Hunger Games Parody is his second novel.

If you wish to email him: tomhrichardson [punctuation] hotmail [punctuation] com

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Sun Rising in the West: Does Japan Buy California?


In 2005, the president surprises the Senate with a treaty that sells California to Japan for $60 trillion. Even for such a staggering sum, nobody takes the treaty seriously—until California’s Senator Matt “Bomber” Nakamura endorses it. Since he’ll lose his job if the treaty goes through, he becomes a national hero—the “Martyr to Zilching the Debt”—and the treaty gains support.

But his wife Barbara suspects the real reason behind his endorsement: he arm-twisted the promise of a huge bribe from Japan’s ambassador. Barbara is determined to stop her husband at any cost, to save the Californians he’s betraying. She has no money, no power, no influence—just determination. Nobody listens outside California, though, once Matt points out all of the fun ways Washington can spend $60 trillion. Even worse, her Japanese mother thinks the treaty is a godsend, and criticizes Barbara for publicly speaking against Matt.

Meanwhile in Japan, young robotics engineer Hiroshi Iwata gradually realizes that the California Treaty would be his key to a better life. Eventually Hiroshi will work hard to thwart Barbara’s efforts to save California.

Tags: East meets West, future, international, Japan, Japanese, Japanese culture, Mafia, politics, suspense, thriller, women, Yakuza

All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).

SUN RISING IN THE WEST—first two chapters are FREE
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How I Apply for Copyright: A How-To by and for a Non-Lawyer


If you want to do your own taxes, there are many how-to books for that. But what if you want to fill out your own application for copyright?

In that case, you have four book choices:

Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks For Dummies by John Buchaca and Henri J. A. Charmasson

The Artist’s And Writer’s Copyright Guide by Rick Carufel

The Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs To Know by Stephen Fishman, J.D.

How To Copyright Books And Acquire An ISBN Number by David Foothill

Some of these books are written from a lawyer’s perspective; but Tom H. Richardson has written How I Apply For Copyright from the copyright-applicant’s point of view. He is an online publisher, and has applied for ten copyrights since 2011.

Richardson takes you step-by-step through each screen of an eCO (electronic Copyright Office) online copyright application, explaining what he’s doing, and why he’s done it. Where necessary, he quotes the relevant copyright laws and he quotes U.S. Copyright Office circulars 9, 14, and 66; so that you don’t have to stop and look them up.

Because Richardson is not a lawyer, there is information that he can’t give you, and there are questions of yours that he can’t answer. When that happens, he’ll say “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand.” No lawyer will ever say those words to you, just as no lawyer will ever tell you, “I can’t guess what the outcome will be.”

Likewise, because Richardson is not a lawyer, he won’t confuse you or scare you by telling you about court rulings that might not apply to you, and which you can’t do anything about anyway.

There is one statement that you won’t find in this book: “Blah-blah-blah, you should consult with an attorney.” You buy this book to get directions and answers (or to be quickly told “I don’t know”), not to endure a timid author covering his afterside.

Chapter Headings:
Chapter 1: Know This Ahead of Time
Chapter 2: Creating An Online Account With The United States Copyright Office
Chapter 3: eCO Log-In And Home Screens
Chapter 4: Work For Hire—What You Need To Know
Chapter 5: Was Your Online Work “Published” Or Not?
How-To 1: I Draw A Picture, Then Copyright It
How-To 2: I Hire A Poet To Write A Poem, Then The Poem Gets Published On The ‘Net
Intermission: Limitation Of Claim
How-To 3: A Public-Domain Cover, A Previously Registered Poem, And Work-For-Hire Inside Art
Afterword 1: After You’ve Applied For A Copyright
Afterword 2: Using Someone Else’s Copyrighted Stuff

This book is 100 pages; word count is 24,500.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).

HOW I APPLY FOR COPYRIGHT—read the first chapter FREE


The Vamp of Mensa

THE VAMP OF MENSA front cover

Originally published 1985

A clueless young man meets a fascinating Romanian woman at the Mensa party she hosts, on the Friday before Halloween. She tries her best to get him drunk, but she herself does not drink … wine.

The author is a lifetime member of Mensa who has thoroughly researched Mensa parties, in order to write this story.

This story is priced cheap because it’s short (1,598 words), not because it’s written poorly.

Tags: Mensa, vampires, vampiress, Romania, humor

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).

THE VAMP OF MENSA—reading sample is FREE
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The Dessert Games: A Hunger Games Parody


Primmytwoshoes Ebergrimm wants yellow cake with chocolate frosting in her school lunches. Right now, this is not allowed. Alas, Primmy has been given only one shot at earning Dessert Privilege—and she knows that if she tries, she will fail. Primmy’s older sister Karen volunteers to take Primmy’s place in the Pie-Throwing Elimination; Karen pledges to sign over Dessert Privilege to her younger sister when Karen wins.

Wait, what? What is going on?

Verylongnameus Ice, the Superintendent of Schools for the Panem (Colorado) Independent School District, is an evil man. He poisons people he does not like. Even worse, he decreed in 1982 that desserts would not be sold as school lunches, nor were kids permitted to bring desserts from home. Soon after making this decree, Ice was persuaded to grant a small exception—

Each year, one boy and one girl would be randomly selected from each school zone (Panem ISD has twelve). The boy and girl would be bussed across town to the school-district football stadium. There the twenty-four students would form a circle, then try to throw pies in each other’s faces. When only one kid had a face not-pieed, that kid would be the winner of the Pie-Throwing Elimination. He or she would then get Dessert Privilege for as long as he attended Panem schools.

This year, Primmytwoshoes Ebergrimm, a School Zone Twelve seventh-grader, is Selected to be in the Pie-Throwing Elimination. How delightful! Except that Primmy broke an arm and a leg rescuing a kitten from a tree; body parts in a cast means that Primmy has zero chance of winning the Elimination; and Primmy being Selected this year means that Primmy will never be Selected again. How awful! Older sister Karen does not want Primmy to feel sad, so Karen volunteers to take Primmy’s place.

Karen thinks that what she has volunteered for is a simple, five-minute contest—but there are some things Karen does not know. Karen is especially in the dark this year, because Superintendent Ice just changed the rules. This year the Elimination takes place in an “arena.”

Karen does know about one complication to her plan: The male selectee from School Zone Twelve is Poofa Meadowlark, and he is in love with Karen. “You go your way, and I’ll go mine” will not work with this boy.


Note: This book is written for middle-school readers.

Please also note: This book contains mild profanity—because it is written for middle-school readers.

Tags: action, coming of age, female protagonist, humor, love triangle, parody, romance, teen, virtue rewarded, YA, young adult

The story is 53,200 words.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).

THE DESSERT GAMES—first three chapters are FREE
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Cinderella, Zombie Queen


When the zombies come, Ella’s stepmother Perra leaves Ella to die. This comes after Perra demoted Ella to barefoot, patched-clothes servant girl, and after Perra’s daughters ridiculed Ella and stole from her.

Ella is pure at heart. Ella’s fairy godmother Pinecone gives Ella a magic necklace to protect her from zombies, which only someone pure at heart can wear. Because Ella is pure at heart, her mother’s dying words to her are “Stay good and kind.”

Then Perra locks Ella out of the house when the zombies come. Why doesn’t Ella die? Because Ella’s magic necklace, it turns out, empowers her to command zombies.

Ella wants to keep her promise to her mother, to “Stay good and kind.” But more and more, Ella is tempted—oh, so much tempted—to feed her stepmother and stepsisters to the zombies.

When Ella finally gets the chance to either stay good or to zombie-murder Perra, which will Ella choose?

Meanwhile, handsome Prince Cabolus, who is fifth in line for the Kingdom of Lionbear throne, is fighting zombies. The king has not ordered him to fight zombies, but Prince Cabolus is a brave man.

READER AGE: 12 and older. The novel contains mild references to prostitution, gory descriptions of zombies (and of their antics), detailed descriptions of ballgowns, and Disney in-jokes.

Tags: action, alternate universe, Cinderella, eighteenth century, fairy tale, female protagonist, magic, romance, virtue rewarded, YA, young adult, zombies, zombie apocalypse

The novel is 87,600 words.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All ebooks by this publisher are free of DRM (Digital Rights Meddling).

CINDERELLA, ZOMBIE QUEEN—first five chapters are FREE!
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