I’ve finished drafting/writing all of Cinderella, Zombie Queen. The book clocks in at 352 pages in trade paperback, and 87 thousand words, for 32 chapters of story plus an appendix.

I wrote two chapters after the “climactic battle between Good and Evil” chapter, and it took me twelve days to write those two chapters. Normally, writing the after-climax end of the story is easy: By then I’ve made a list of things I want to tell the reader, I tell those things to the reader, then I write “THE END.”

But for Cinderella, Zombie Queen, my plans got changed.

The reason was that just as I was about to write my Happily Ever After chapters, one of my alpha-readers, Debi, told me in an email, “I can’t wait to read about Ella’s wedding!”

Now, since my novel more-or-less follows the story of “Cinderella,” it’s not a spoiler if I tell you that at the end of my novel, Ella marries into royalty. I didn’t want to write the wedding, I really didn’t, because I didn’t know anything about weddings, much less eighteenth-century British royal weddings, and so I’d have to research that stuff.

But I realized that the book’s female readers, not just Debi, would want to read about Ella’s wedding and would be disappointed if I skipped that.

Researching what women in England in 1786 would wear to three Royal Balls had stopped my writing dead for two entire weeks, because I knew nothing about the topic. So even as I decided to include Ella’s wedding, I dreaded researching that wedding, because I knew that for me, this would not be a quick Googling either.

But I got off lucky: Debi sent me a helpful link, and I found a helpful book on weddings in my library, and so my research had me reading and thinking instead of writing for “only” a week.

Anyway, now I’m doing my two read-throughs, from the beginning of the book to the end of the book, to catch continuity errors. After this, I’ll write the sales blurb, finalize the wraparound cover for the paperback, and format the ebooks. I hope to have CZQ up for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, and Kobo in about a week.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Finished Drafting CINDERELLA, ZOMBIE QUEEN

  1. That’s right, blame the alpha-reader… heehee

    Congratulations on a beautiful book, with a delicious and wicked cover, a primo set of characters and some plot twists that Res positively… twisted!

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